Reduce and reuse

All the materials we use, such as metal, plastic and paper, are valuable resources. Recycling helps to reduce the amount of raw materials needed to make new products but the transportation and reprocessing of these uses a lot of energy. It’s best to try to reduce the amount and waste and recycling we produce by reusing, repairing and repurposing to extend a products life. The sections below give some tips on how to reduce and reuse your waste.


  • How to use less single use plastic packaging

Home Composting

  • How to buy a reduced price compost bin
  • Advice and tips about home composting
  • Information about the Replenish project

Love Food Hate Waste

  • Oxfordshire councils promote the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign which aims to prevent good food from going to waste

Community Action Groups

  • Oxfordshire is at the forefront of community-led action on climate change. The Community Action Group (CAG) network contains over sixty groups who organise projects and events aimed at reducing waste and carbon

Real nappies

  • Find out more about the benefits of using cloth nappies
  • How to apply for a free trial kit

Junk mail

  • How to reduce the junk mail you receive by registering with the Mailing Preference Service

Donating unwanted items

  • Find organisations in Oxfordshire who will accept unwanted items to be reused

Love Your Clothes

  • Oxfordshire councils promote the Love Your Clothes campaign which aims to highlight the problem of disposable fashion


  • Information about reusing and recycling electrical items