Our strategy

Oxfordshire Waste Partnership (OWP) agreed a Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy in January 2007. This sets out our plans for dealing with Oxfordshire's municipal waste through to 2030. This was then reviewed and updated in April 2013, with all partners adopting it. 

The main 'core' strategy document and all the supporting annexes can be downloaded here:

Oxfordshire Waste Partnership Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy

Main themes of the strategy

Reduce and reuse

We will provide advice, services and information to help householders, businesses and the community reduce and reuse materials and avoid waste. We will also set a good example by reducing our own waste.

Recycling and composting

As a minimum, we will achieve a combined recycling and composting rate of at least:

  • 65% of household waste by 2020,
  • 70% of household waste by 2025,

Dealing with residual waste

We will minimise waste to landfill and recover energy from non-recyclable waste through the operation of the Ardley Energy from Waste facility.

Dealing with hazardous waste

We will encourage the separation of hazardous wastes so they can be safely managed.

Land use planning

We will work together to ensure that new waste facilities are built in suitable locations, using the Waste Planning role of Oxfordshire County Council.

Creating markets

We will help to develop markets for the recyclable materials that we collect, seeing materials not as waste but as a valuable resource.

Working in partnership

We will improve our waste management services by working together through Oxfordshire Environment Partnership and with others.