Love your clothes

We’ve got tips to help you get the most out of your wardrobe, get more wear out of your clothes and learn how to keep them in tiptop condition.

Many of us buy too many clothes. So why not get better value for money from them? For more advice, visit the Love Your Clothes website.

Care for your clothes

A little TLC helps clothes look good and last longer - from getting out a stain to following the washing instructions on the label. Moving a button or repairing a zip helps squeeze even more life from clothes. So, before deciding to recycle or donate any more clothes, check our tips to see if a quick and easy repair job may be the answer.

Get creative

Old favourites that may have been damaged or put to the back of the wardrobe can have a quick nip and tuck to be restored to their former glory. And check out some of our fun upcycled creations.

Recycle your clothes

An estimated £140 million worth of used clothing gets thrown out every year. If you can’t reinvent them, pass on any unwanted items for re-use or resale. All textiles and clothes sent for recycling will be used to make things like wadding – even if they are too tatty to be used again.

Watch this Recycle Now video to help you decide what to do with textiles you no longer need.  Should you pass them on, sell or donate?