Home composting

Composting at home helps to reduce your rubbish and produces high quality compost for your garden! Over 30% of household rubbish can be composted to provide a complete and natural food for your soil.

Buy a compost bin

You can compost at home from only £18.50*. 

compost binsBuy two 220 litre or two 330 litre compost bins and you'll get the second half price!

How to order

To save money you could build your own compost bin from wood offcuts or other surplus materials. Oxford Wood Recycling in Abingdon, have a good range of used wood suitable for home projects.

What is composting?

Composting is a natural process carried out by various bacteria, insects and earthworms that are commonly found in gardens. These organisms multiply and feed on mixed organic waste, and turn it into rich dark compost. Heat is given off during the process, which destroys any harmful bacteria.

Why compost?

Making compost is one of the best ways to help protect the environment. About 30 per cent of household waste is made up of organic kitchen and garden waste. Composting your organic waste can produce a valuable conditioner which will improve the fertility and structure of your soil.

All that is needed to make compost is some organic waste, air, water and a little time.

Download our leaflet (1,704KB) for a comprehensive guide to composting!

Replenish Project

The Replenish Project trains volunteer Composting Advisors to help people to start composting at home and support those who already do so.

Composting Advisors attend events and work with local groups such as schools and gardening clubs as well as friends and neighbours - wherever they feel they can help.

If you would like to talk to a Composting Advisor about attending an event or helping with a project please email waste.management@oxfordshire.gov.uk or call 01865 816043.